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In 25 years of passion for luxury watches, we have built a large network of collectors, dealers and watchmakers. Our portfolio, is based on selected luxury watches, which we purchase only from reputable suppliers and after expert examination. With our suppliers, we maintain a long-standing and proven business relationship.

Safe & Renowned

We are your suitable place for watches of the extra class. We have best reviews on sales platforms, like Chrono24. As a long-standing Trusted Seller and with a large number of excellent reviews, we give you the security you need when making your purchase decision.

Expertise & Knowledge

Our extensive experience and sound professional expertise in valuation and trading of chronographs, chronometers and wristwatches has distinguished us for more than two decades.

Prices in line with the market

Our price quotations for the watches advertised by us, always correspond to the market price assessments. We stand for a sustainable customer relationship and will be happy to explain the selected pricing for the models in question.

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If your desired watch is not in our offer, we give you the opportunity to contact us.

We ask you to place your request discreetly and bindingly, because we put a lot of time and effort into the procurement of the watches.
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